Building solidarity between feminist movements and women resisting the war on drugs

AWID worked closely with communities of women who use drugs to build solidarity, learn from, support and engage with each other. We have documented our experience in this report.

Gender Equality and New Technologies: Agricultural Biotechnology

This fact sheet highlights the importance of agricultural biotechnology for gender equality and development, focusing on genetic modification.

Facing the Challenges of New Reproductive Technologies

This primer is a guide to the current debates on new reproductive technologies (NRTs), how they are changing political landscapes, and their potential effects on women's human rights.

Gender Equality and New Technologies: Nanotechnology

This fact sheet explains the meaning of 'nanotechnology', explores its potential promises and risks, some of the reasons it matters for gender equality and identify ways it can be addressed. 

La Serena: A feminist practice of collective self-care

 “Everything we do at Casa La Serena is an act of constructive rebellion that generates positive realities in the midst of structural violence,” explain Ana María Hernández and  Cinthia Pacheco, both of Consorcio Oaxaca. 

Masks on, walk off!

Ava Caradonna is an organizer with Radio AvA. This article reflects her personal views and experience, not that of the collective or the X:talk project 

Against bleak ghosts of familiar urban landscape and CCTV cameras labelled “for your protection” the news on the radio skits between weather forecast, rationing, raids, a special public appearance by the queen, politicians promising increased production and London quarantine zones to be avoided “for reasons of health and safety”.

- Impressions from V for Vendetta, 1982

The Feminist and the post-COVID-19 state

Talking to feminists these days, you get a range of perspectives on the current crisis and where we’re headed.

The most lethal virus is not COVID-19

The escalating panic and fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is palpable across the social spectrum.

The Governor of California, the US State where I live, has ordered the entire state to “shelter in place” for the foreseeable future, meaning we can leave home only for essential tasks. Yes, the virus is yet to be fully known and controlled; yes, the incidence of infection is increasing and cannot be predicted accurately; yes this virus causes death. And yes, we must keep washing our hands and taking other precautions and maintaining physical distance.

Autonomous resourcing: the engine room of feminist work amid a global pandemic

Feminists have mobilized on a massive scale to generate our own autonomous resources for daily acts of solidarity and survival and to respond politically, collectively, and powerfully to this moment. Many of these actions are coming from within communities and movements in some of the hardest hit and less privileged places, and especially amongst Black, LBTQI+, disability, migrant, land & labour movements. Some of the responses are localised, while others are global.


Feminist experiences of organising politically across virtual worlds

In recognition of this particular moment in time, and knowing that so many movements may be relying more and more on organising remotely for the next few months, APC, AWID and FRIDA share some of what we have learnt around how to organise politically in virtual worlds.