AWID Forum - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the AWID International Forum?
Where and when will the next AWID Forum take place?
Will the AWID Forum still be in Taipei in light of the COVID-19?
What is the 14th AWID Forum theme?
Do I have to be an AWID member to participate in the Forum?
What will be different about this Forum?
What languages will be included in the Forum?
When can I register for the Forum?
How much does registration cost?
What is included in registration fees?
How can I fund my participation in the AWID Forum? Many activists will not be able to afford the cost of the Forum – is AWID doi
I can’t attend the Forum in person, how else can I participate?
Will there be pre-Forum convenings this time around?
Do I need a visa to attend the Forum in Taipei?
Why did AWID choose Taipei as the location for the Forum?
Can I submit a session proposal?
What happens to the activity proposals submitted through the CfA?
My question isn’t answered here