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WAF Statement And Petition On Farida Afridi Killing

WAF Lahore is deeply disturbed by the shocking news of the killing of  Ms. Fareeda Afridi in the Khyber Agency.

It is evident from news reports that she was killed because she was a woman human rights defender associated with a non-government organization working for the welfare of tribal women. This is not the first killing of a human rights defender in the tribal area and it sends a chilling message to the whole community of civil society organizations working for people’s rights and for their development and welfare.

It is a matter of grave concern that retrogressive forces of extremism are allowed to perpetuate a reign of terror over the tribal population, especially women in public service. Despite these elements being identifiable, the state authorities have completely failed to enforce the rule of law. The inaction of the state in the face of murder and open threats against people has resulted in complete impunity for those who commit acts of terrorism with dire consequences for the victims.

The state has a duty to protect its population against human rights violations and acts of terrorism. Its consistent failure to hold non-state actors accountable for the heinous crimes they commit and the level of impunity available to the religious extremists in the country is unacceptable. In failing to protect its people from vicious forces operating within its own border the state has undermined the state loses all moral authority to denounce the loss of civilian lives resulting from any act of a foreign power.

WAF Lahore strongly condemns the acts of extremist elements either obstructs the work of development or the promotion and protection of human rights in any part of the country. WAF call upon the state authorities to either fulfill their duty to protect or to publicly concede failure to curb the elements that are destroying all prospects for progress and peace in the country. Platitudes and false claims of diligence by the authorities sound hollow in the face of a deteriorating situation and the mounting violence perpetrated by elements who have been so emboldened by the impunity they enjoy that they proudly claim responsibility for these heinous killings.

WAF expects state authorities to immediately issue a strong condemnation of the killing of Farida Afridi; to announce effective measures for the protection of human rights defenders, especially women; affirm its commitment to provide a safe environment for all those engaged in development work, humanitarian assistance and the promotion of human rights; and, above all, announce measures for routing out the criminals responsible for the terrorization of  NGOs through killings and death threats.

Neelam Hussain

for WAF Working Committee

Click here to sign the petition to protect WHRDs in Pakistan especially in FATA
For additional information, please see the Safe World for Women webpage on Farida Afridi

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