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Jobs Around the World


We are seeking the services of a consultant/s to develop a policy brief which will be used in advocacy work for key policy makers including governments, regional bodies and the African Union, NEPAD and other key stakeholders before, during and after the  AU summit.

Deadline:           November 7, 2014

Organization:     ActionAid


Assistant Country Director, Program Support

The Assistant Country Director is responsible for overall management of the Country Office’s various support units; Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Logistics and IT to ensure optimum support to programs/ projects within the policies of CARE International, CARE Canada and the laws of host country. 

Deadline:          November 16, 2014

Location:          Chad

Organization:    CARE Canada


Generic Vacancy Announcement - Gender Talent Groups, P-4/P-5

Gender and Development Specialists at the P-4 level and Senior Gender Development Specialists at the P-5 level who will ensure the technical excellence and quality of programmatic work on gender equality undertaken by UNICEF offices in the field.

Deadline:           December 1, 2014

Location:          UNICEF's New York Headquarters

Organization:    UNICEF


Senior Gender Expert Consultancy

The consultant will work closely with Division of Human Resources (DHR) and the Gender and Rights section in Programme Division on both the batch recruitment process for the 7 Regional Gender Advisor positions and the P-4/P-5 Talent Group recruitment process.

Deadline:          November 6, 2014

Location:          Home-based

Organization:    UNICEF 


Program Officer - Women's Rights Program (WRP)

The program officer will play an important role in developing the new Women’s Rights Program strategy; stay abreast of the fields, identifying opportunities for funding and other engagement with partners;; and represent the program externally.

Deadline:          Open util filled

Location:           New York, NY

Organization:    Open Society Foundations


Program Associate for Advocacy & Communications

The Program Associate will liaise with WLP's partner organizations and assist with coordinating the implementation and evaluation of grassroots training workshops and training of trainer institutes.

Deadline:         December 31, 014

Location:         Washington, DC

Organization:  Women's Learning Partnership   


International Programme Manager Democratic Governance

The Manager will work to design and deliver strategic programmes on democratic governance, building coherence between ActionAid’s work at local, national and international levels.

Deadline:         November 12, 2014

Location:         ActionAid Offices

Organization:  ActionAid


Program Officer - Open Places Initiative (OPI)

The program officer will serve as part of a four person team carrying out the grantmaking, monitoring, assessment, technical assistance, convening, and educational activities of the Open Places Initiative.

Deadline:           November 24, 2014

Location:           New York

Organization:     Open Society Fondations


Senior Program Officer

The senior program officer will focus on strategy development, grantmaking, and operational efforts to strengthen women’s organizations and movements and promote economic justice for women.

Deadline:           Open until filled

Location:           New York

Organization:    Open Society Foundations



The role of The Chair is to ensure that the Board of Trustees fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of the organisation. To manage and support the Executive Director, helping her achieve the mission of the organisation and meet the targets set by the Board.

Deadline:           November 3, 2014

Location:           London, UK

Organization:     Rosa



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